How Bicycle Helmet Saved My Life!

There are many occasions when people account how bicycle helmets saved their lives during the accident. Let us take a look at their scenarios and stories.
According to Alec Lom, when he was escaping from the police officers due to his abnormal behavior after drug abuse, he got into a serious crush. “I feel extremely fortunate to have escaped serious injury, or even death. The precise circumstances of my tumble are now a little hazy, but one recollection remains crystal clear. The nurses and doctors who treated me each asked me the same simple question: “Were you wearing a helmet?” If my ordeal, which left me nursing strained shoulder ligaments, torn muscles and a bruised ego, has convinced me of one fact alone, it is surely that my cycling helmet saved my life.”  (Source:

“My wife and I were riding on a concrete Greenway in Alpharetta Georgia when she was caught off the trail on the edge and ended up falling back onto the concrete which clipped my rear tire and subsequently ended up in me falling down and breaking my collarbone. The attached photographs of the helmet I was wearing say it all. I can remember the sound of the back of my helmet hitting the concrete while my collar bone broke into 3 pieces. There is no doubt in my mind that this helmet at the very least save me from what could have been very severe head trauma and at most permanent disability or death.”

“During a morning session at a velodrome I was towing a group of 4 riders around the 3rd turn and saw another rider cross my path a bit too late. The other rider rode up onto the track and I T-boned his bike. We both were thrown from our bikes and landed on concrete. I slid across the infield on my head and face and was knocked out for a bit. Both of us were taken by ambulance to the local ER. He had a fractured skull because he was warming down on the infield track without a helmet. I just had a slight concussion and loss of skin on my lower lip. If I hadn’t been wearing a helmet I would have had far worse injuries like my counterpart. The other rider apologized later –he said he blacked out because he didn’t eat breakfast that day.”


After these stories, are you convinced that wearing a bicycle helmet is a must? Or do you still think they are just lucky? Take a look at these videos. The first two videos are about skateboard, skateboarding contains a lot of risk, it is better to wear protective gears as you can see in the video.The third video is about road rash, a dear bumped out of nowhere and the cyclist’s helmet split into half.

Accidents can happen (that is why they are called accidents), no matter how skillful and cautious you are. Why not wear a helmet just to ensure your safety being?


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